Same Day On Site Support.
Fully Trained Technicians.
Troubleshoot Over the Phone.
Our Guarantee is Your Insurance Policy.

OWEST’s support crew understand the importance of having your printer functional. So we’re dedicated to responding to customers within 1 hour and providing same day on site support.

In fact, we can solve many issues over the phone by simply talking you through the solution. Our state-of-the-art machines can even be serviced remotely. If it’s a simple issue, our sales personnel can often assist.

Run Up

Our technicians meticulously inspect and prepare your chosen machine for a smooth installation.

Delivery and Installation

Machines arrive in a specially outfitted van and are hoisted to protect everyone’s backs. Our technicians will then install, connect and run you through the operating procedure.

On-going Service

If you elected a service agreement, we’ll ensure all consumables are replaced so your machine maintains operational readiness.
OWEST is dedicated to superior service standards so we’ll do our best to ensure your device continues to perform as it was designed to.


How often will our printer be serviced?
Modern multi-function devices come with predetermined service schedules and we’ll be alerted when yours is ready. The scheduling is based on the volume of printing the device performs.
How do you know when we need ink or assistance?
Epson and HP’s ranges of multi-function devices are state-of-the-art. They will notify us of any issues or requirements and we’ll quickly arrange the solution so your printer is fully operational.
How is OWEST eco-friendly?
Epson devices are the market leaders in sustainability. They produce less heat, have fewer moving parts, create less landfill and their ink can last up to 100,000 pages.
Does OWEST have a device for my business?
Yes. From small battery powered printers to top-of-the-line multi-function devices, OWEST has machines suited to large corporations and SMEs. You can be sure you’ll be satisfied with our extensive Hewlett Packard and Epson ranges.

OWEST has all your printing needs covered.

Superior Products

Experienced Team

Exceptional Customer Service

That’s the OWEST advantage.